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A platform to encourage and inspire inclusion in

Higher Education through story-telling

A few years ago, it was but a dream that something like the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship would someday exist.


Now, every year, the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentships, established by the Cambridge Trust and named after its former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, support approximately ten students who face severe barriers of conflict and human rights abuses to take up their offers to study at the University of Cambridge.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, the University of Cambridge welcomed the first ten scholars, ranging in nationalities -from Syria to Uganda-, academic disciplines -from Law to Computer Science- and walks of life. 

This website hopes to be an outlet for their individual and shared experiences before, during and after Cambridge, and to reach aspiring, future Rowan Williams Scholars. The wider aim is to also use their stories to inspire and encourage more higher education institutions to follow suit.

You can sign up to our mailing list here so that we can send you a quick email whenever we have new content from the scholars. If you would like to find out more about our intiiatve, or you are a Rowan Williams Cambridge Scholar but are not yet connected with us, please contact us. We would absolutely love to hear from you and welcome you into the community. 



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